What we stand for — Tijarah Network.

Trade is one of the basic activities of human endeavor. For any society to survive buying and selling must constantly be transacted and this has been so for as long as humans existed. In today’s world the big co-operations and banks controls commerce so they determine and dominate the global economy.

A huge business opportunities exists at the local level for SME (Small Medium Enterprise) but they lack the financial strength required to drive and achieve their business ideas. For us at Tijarah Network our focus is on the SME, those who have the ideas but are lacking the funds to achieve their goal or those who already have a business as a going concern but need injection of funds to move to the next level.

At Tijarah network we shall assist you to build a world class business case and help refine your business ideas such that you can get funding required to move your business to the next level. We also help people who have the funds but are looking for where to inject the funds for profitability. In other words we stand in the middle by linking the ideas with the funds thus creating a symbiotic relationship between those who have the idea and those who have the funds.

The bedrock of our philosophy and activities is based on the principles of Islamic finance which ensures a win-win situation among all the parties involved. You can be rest assured that your interest will be protected when dealing with us.

For the benefit of doubts we are not a financial house, neither are we a banking institute nor do we receive money from our client but we are a consulting outfit that matches ideas with funding by linking the parties involved together.

Visit our website at send us an email at info@tijarahnetwork.com