{Day 3: Andela Boot Camp, FFT: Making Code Work}

case “How to make your code work”

When “you don’t know what the question wants” && “you don’t know how to drive your answer” results = “the trainers’ faces are expressionless”

and I be like


if you don’t know our_trainer[:Bukky], pls check my @tijesunimipeters Day 2 blog

and then our_trainer[:Bukky] just simply says with her lofty voice,

“Thank You”

I feel there is just one way to the :FFT for each day because for yesterday there was just one way answer Version Control Systems which leads us to talking about GitHub and then today all they wanted to here from us is Test Driven Developement (TDD).

For today, I was more relaxed with my colleagues as I was already brewing up the idea that we should be more flexible in our sitting arrangements.

I am better than I was yesterday

Yes, I am very happy that I am here. I can’t explain the joy of being here as this is my first “Real Class in Computer Science”

Before I thought computer programmers are geeks and they are just extraordinary individuals that don’t mix with other people in nature but now I see that they are simple people that love to do things and normal people do. The only difference is that they do more of coding

I am also happy to have met more people (“coders”) with different level of experience and IQ. Though this is intimidating sometimes but

I dey always try “bone” face like I know what I am doing

We started working on Andela Labs and it is been really challenging and then i notice that people are more serious right now as everyone is trying to solve one thing or the other.

Funny thing about the Andela Labs
When you open a lab to solve the question, you read, you understand the question and what it should do, and then when you get to start writing on the keyboard “You Just don’t know where to start” especially when you are new to programming like me

Many times I have been faced with this and then it makes me wonder how it was when programmers work

This has all been a wonderful experience for me and I am still loving it