My Andelean Family and the missing singularity

~~Story time~~

Now at the time, there is a city called Andela. This is like the utopia of this time for young teachable programmers. The journey to this land was once beautiful and more than enough for people interested to pass through or maybe this was just a mirage or illusion of the mind mixed with a pre-made perfect image of paradise….hmmm

I was in another land, where civilization was like in the 90’s, not too far from Andela though. I was on a project when i heard about Andela. The briefing about Andela made so interested to joining on the game because I’m always in for challenging projects and dynamic projects and most importantly I love to learn. After my briefing on this haven i decided to hop on the train going to Andela. I thought the journey was straight forward and that it is just the normal mundane process of application-interview process but i was wrong when Andela told me go and study by giving the home-study curriculum.

The curriculum was enlightening and interesting at the same time considering my background. While studying on the road to Andela I got to meet a few people that i have now gotten fond of so much that they are practically my family. So I will be discussing my family at Andela

There is olayemifolakemi, though we have only known for a few months now but its like we have known each other for long. She is this petite, cute lady, very resourceful and a meticulous lady. Easy to approach and very much likable…..and when she decides to have fun it like she is on a roller-coaster, sometimes it would seem it would never stop. And she is always offering me beer from before we ever met but she has never given me any……imagine

Then there is Moyosore, a wonderful lady indeed. There is never a dull moment with her except when she has so many codes on her mind. She brings up the jokes from where you’d never expect. I just love to have her present in our small group as she just revs up the atmosphere.

This brings me to my MVP (my “vafourite” padi) Engr Odun….. he is the most seriously funny person i have ever met. He practically makes up his jokes without any facial expression which makes me wonder whether to laugh or not. He can make you believe any thing by a characteristically serious and yet joking expression. I wonder how he does it…. i really admire the trait in him and his creative way of explaining things to you when you just don’t understand something. I’m gonna miss him a lot as he has left us. Now, we are left to “fend for our jokes ourselves”. When he left, I personally felt a whole in the family as we all felt the absence of his characteristic nodding when he is just in on making fun of you.

We were all very shocked when we heard of the fact that he wont be able to continue in this journey with us…….

Andela brought us together and I’m sure we are still together no matter what Andela says

There is also Lovelyn Tijesunimi-Israel and Sheyi, my name sake and sheyi the tallest guy in my class. We are pretty close right now as we practically try to solve everything together.

I am happy to have met all this people in my Andelean journey and I’m holding on to the hope that we can all make it there………..hmmmmmm that will be so wonderful