Welcome Nawid Piracha — a talented architect from the states

Good news! We have a new tenant in the house of Je m’appelle Company. Nawid Piracha, a talented designer from L.A.

“Can you hear me?” is how most Skype calls start — so does mine with Nawid. He is using his lunchbreak to talk to me. He is sitting in an architecture studio in De Pijp, which is where he works.
It turns out that he just moved here from the states, we have a quick chat about the previous election — which result has surprised both of us. Nawid adds “maybe a good timing to leave that place”, I agree. We move on to my questions, to get to know more about the designer, Nawid Piracha. One thing I notice in those first few minutes: he comes off slightly shy but extremely polite.
Nawid tells me that he was born in Germany and moved to the states when he was six years old. He grew up in Ohio, where he also did his Bachelor in Architecture. Later on he moved L.A. to do his Master at the University of California.
Even though most of the dutch architecture happens in Rotterdam, Nawid prefers Amsterdam as a place to live. “It is a nicer living environment. It has this village feel while being a major city. And still, there is a lot of contemporary architecture to find here.”, he explains.
October this year he became a citizen not only of Amsterdam, but also the Je m’appelle Company.

“I found the ad online and — even though I haven’t lived in a project like this before — I immediately loved the idea of having a creative work space and environment.”

First, last and in between

His first project built was a small corner market “although it was simple, it felt surreal seeing something go from the computer to being built,” Nawid explains.
Watching and hearing Nawid talk about architecture and projects he has done, it becomes clear that he has a big passion for design “The thought of coming up with an idea and seeing it come to life. An idea or design that you have created is going to be home to many people for many many years.”

Tower Complex - Los Angeles, California

Nawids latest project, and one that he is especially proud of, is the Tower for Los Angeles that he designed in collaboration with other architects — led by architect Neil Denari.

More info, read here

“It was a speculative project for a high-density tower set in near-future downtown Los Angeles (think “Blade Runner”).”
The design is organized with a sort of exquisite corpse idea where one tower is divided into five segments, each designed by a different architect.
So far, he has really enjoyed working in Amsterdam as it seems to him that many more of the projects that are designed are actually going to be built, compared to the US. 
Besides using 3D and animation software for the design of buildings, he also enjoys playing around with them in other ways. He designs and creates motions, such as this one below.

What’s in for the future?
If there is more time in the future he’d like to do some freelance jobs too. Living in Je m’appelle Company, a place that has collaboration written all over it, he is keen to work together in ways of creating something else “I also like to build things other than buildings, like furniture, bikes, motorcycles, etcetera. I recently learned a bit of electronics and built a tube amplifier”.

Make sure to check out Nawid’s website where you can find a good overview of the projects he did.

Nawid, good to have you here and welcome to Je m’appelle Company!

More info about Je m’appelle Company and available rooms, check out the Facebook page!
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