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About two months ago Forbes released their Class of 2017 30 Under 30 List and this year it was more inspiring than ever! I am not sure how the staff over there does it, but the amount of research and time spent on reviewing potential candidates and then interviewing and learning their story is just an incredible feat. This year the competition was more extreme than ever and the Forbes team had it cut out for themselves: 15,000+ nominations for just 600 spots. That’s an under 4% acceptance rate; making it harder to get into than the nation’s two most selective colleges, Stanford University (4.8%) and Harvard University (5.2%).

You can see the full list of nominees here, but what i really wanted to do was analyze the stats behind these individuals, so here’s a few interesting points that these incredible people have in common based on Forbes research.

30 Under 30 2017 By The Numbers:

  • 50%+ are founders or cofounders
  • 57% started their business to solve a problem; 27% want their business to change the world
  • 75% live or work on the two coasts: 39% on the West Coast; 36% on the East Coast
  • 1:6 are immigrants from 44 countries
  • 5 most attended universities: Harvard University, MIT, New York University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania
  • №1 dream mentor (by far): Elon Musk. Others most preferred include Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Sheryl Sandberg
  • Nearly half (49%) describe millennials as Innovators. Other most-used definitions: Idealists (23%); Influencers (18%); Inventors (10%)
  • Nearly half (48%) describe success as achieving your potential, or liking yourself and what you do (also 48%). Only 4% pursue success for fame and fortune.
  • 35% believe Grit is the most important trait for entrepreneurs; followed by Passion (21%)
  • 3 go-to apps: Instagram, Slack, Twitter
  • Credits: Editors: Caroline Howard, Natalie Sportelli

Let me know which of these 30 Under 30 individuals inspire you!

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