Kate Daly

UX evangelist, agile advocate, knitter, bassist, ENFP.

Je suis Charlie

When the pen becomes

A sword, we all have weapons

At our disposal.


Moms Are People, Too

One of the most frustrating aspects of working as a mom in tech is working with team members who don’t understand that I sometimes have family obligations.

Just Another Woman’s Story About Non-Consensual Ass-Grabbing

My college had a unique schedule. We had fall and spring semesters like most places, but also had a lovely month in the…

I Wish It Were This Easy.

In the interest of continuing a fair and balanced dialog about what I think is a very serious issue, I feel compelled to write a response to “How Bad UX Killed Jenny.”

I would like to thank Medium for making it so easy.

TL;DR: Fixing the bad UX that can potentially kill people — and already has — is going to be a very difficult…

You Hurt Seriouspony, You Hurt All of Us

This afternoon, while following along with the tweets from #dpm2014, a conference for digital project managers that I really should be at, I…

For Iris

My cat Iris died today. She was 17.

It was the summer of ‘97. I’d spent the weeks since college applying for jobs at every place that seemed willing to employ…

Things I’ll Never Say

A birth story

My son was two weeks old when I unlatched him from my breast and carefully laid him down in the co-sleeper attached to the bed. I held…

Five Cool Places That Deserve Your Money Way More Than Walmart

Pittsburgh Edition 2013

I’ve seen a few posts from folks asking for places that offer handmade…


A farewell letter

Three weeks ago, I tendered my resignation at the company where I’d worked for twelve years. I spent nearly a third of my life there. When asked…