Disclaimer: What are my backgrounds.

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What am I doing now?

I am a master’s student from Aalto University, Helsinki Finland. I am currently starting to write my thesis on the use of design tools such as Lean Service Creation.

If you have no idea what Lean Service Creation is, go check it out at www.leanservicecreation.com . It is an open source design process and toolkit developed at Futurice.

What do I mean when I say that I am a novice entrepreneur?

For the past 2–3 years I have been an on-off entrepreneur while doing my studies. It started as “let’s challenge ourselves instead of going to a no brain summer job” and has since gradually developed towards a more serious activity.

We have funded our company always with our own money and time, so I have no real experience in raising funds. Some call it bootstrapping, some call it “not going all-in.”

During this time I have validated 1–5 more serious business ideas (depending on your view). From those 1 (Mobile Electric) is in the space between problem-solution and product-market fit. The other ones have either stayed at problem-solution fit, or just worked as learning experiences.

A shortlist of my key learnings are:

  • It is easy to bullshit others, and it is even easier to bullshit yourself. But no income is one of the best truths out there.
  • Doing is much more important than planning.
  • Pick up the phone and ask. Or better, go there and ask.
  • Be honest about your goals and make sure that the people around you share those goals.
  • It takes a lot of commitment to make anything new. Respect that.
  • People tend to quit and look for negative aspects.
  • What you think, doesn’t matter. We are a society of subjects, who usually first drive their own agenda. You have to know and understand that agenda to either partner up with them, or to create anything of value for them.

Terminology that I use:

I will try to update this, as often as I can.

MVI (Most Viable Idea) — blog post.

Consider a blog post with MVI-tag as ‘a first-take on’ or as ‘an artefact that can start a conversation’. I am not claiming to be a professional. This is just the understanding that I have now, which I understand to be limited.

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