Startup Lesson: What I Can Learn From My 3 Year Old

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Startup Lesson: What I Can Learn From My 3 year Old

Sometimes we all just have to stop and look at the world from a small (or perhaps tiny) perspective.

People will doubt you no matter what, you just have to prove them wrong. My 3 years old often proves me wrong on many different levels, like by saying something or remembering something that I would never have thought he would be able to. And when he sees me looking surprised I bet he feels good about it! In a startup world there will always be doubters, either from their lack of knowledge/experience, or from a personal doubt in your ability to do just about anything. What my son taught me is proving people wrong is sweet, and only success can do that!

Life goes on; there is no point dwelling on things you can’t change. My son is a good walker, but he still falls over — he just brushes the dirt off his hands and knees and moves on like nothing ever happened. With startups, there will be things we try that fail and we can’t change anything about it. Worrying or overthinking can kill your productivity, so we just have to learn to move on.

Don’t deal with stressful times alone. In toddlerville, when kids are in distress, they often turn to either mum or dad for comfort. It’s human nature that apparently fades away as we grow older. We seem to keep everything to ourselves instead of speaking out or seeking help. As a startup founder, I’m often under a lot of stress which could easily go west. I’ve learnt from my 3 year old that when you’re not happy, talk to someone about it! Finding that one person who can comfort you when you’re having a really bad day can be a lifesaver.

It’s okay to cry… Honestly! Crying isn’t the sign of weakness, it’s a sign that you’re only human (that’s why my son cries all the time!).

Do push your limit . As a mother of one I have to deal with this daily. My son often tries to push his boundaries, whether about his bedtime, food, toys or whatever. I admire the fact that he keeps trying, sensing that I might say no — but he still tries. I have to admit that sometimes I do give up on things too easy, I don’t try hard enough, but it’s a learning curve and I will have to push myself to try harder.

My little block builder

Just be happy! Smiling (even while pooping, like my 3 year old does) costs absolutely nothing. And it often makes the world a little bit more bearable.

Let’s do this!