There are voices in me that sing the morning
 Fissures of me that are racked with pain
 Every time I breathe I can feel a different space.

Holding these orbs together I have made a full-time job
 Receptionist and stenographer
 Motion and regression, with gravity preventing
 the whole shebang from tearing apart.

 Levity visits and we share a moment of togetherness
 Physics lessons remembered,
 Torment forgotten — 
 for me it isn’t.

This is what we have
 This is where I am
 The point of everything,
 Our joy punctuated by terror.

Dark as it sounds, it’s not the whole story
 — I don’t know that yet.
 I have struggled for too long to calculate the pattern
 Now, I work in construction.

In truth,
 My life is a complete mystery to me
 And I intend for it to remain so.