Why a website with penis sizes matters?

Winning 40.000 smiles in less than 1 hour.
Feeling alive.

Two years ago, I challenged myself: create a website in less than 58 minutes. And I achieved. With happiness.

Coding a website in 58 minutes make me feel alive!

More than coding, I had to build the webpage, give it a style, think the UX and UI, find an answer to a need. In only 58 minutes. It is a very short delay.
No time to make useless stuff, it forces me to focus on the key features. And no time for brainstorming, nor long analysis. Everything comes only from intuition and my knowledge of website coding or user experience.

A moment of truth. A moment I can’t hide.
Me, the webpage, my keyboard.
And the clock.

… tick tock tick tock tick …

The challenge was hard, and the result far to be perfect. But it was the deal, and I published it on Zizimap.com. (there is now an english version on Zizimap.com/en-gb/ )

Once done, I just had to wait and see, watching the monthly Google Analytics report and if it was shared on social media.

The map selector, bringing user to discovering data by itself in a funny way.

40.000 smiles, plus my own smile.

Two years after making the website alive, here are the key numbers:

  • more than 40.000 visitors
  • 1.000 shares on social networks
  • 2"30min of avarage time spent on the webpage
  • an average of 100 visits/day on the last 3 months.

I know it’s not a huge success. Not a big one. It’s just one more stupid webpage on the web.

But it’s about 680 visitors per minute of code.
10 visitors for each second I’ve spent on that project.

And the most important: everybody I’ve seen visiting the webpage had a smile. A quick moment of happiness or fun on their face.
And here is my satisfaction. I code website for people. I code website to give something that can help or change their life, even a few seconds.

So, what’s next?

No stat for smile.

I’ve recoded the website last week. It is more attractive, easier to share, faster to load on mobile, and translatable.
Technically, those improvements looks working really well. But the most important: people like it. Some of them have already translated it in Spanish and English!

I really hope it will bring smile to more people in the world.

I won’t put neither advertisement nor email subscription. Smiles of people are gold for me.

I hope you’ll enjoy this tiny, ridiculous and useless idea.