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I heard them coming up the path right on time, little feet crunching twigs and dry leaves on the lone dirt path. A half dozen pairs of small, bare feet, black with dirt and muck, followed by one heavier set of footfalls. Murmured voices, I heard the adult remind them of their manners, of the ways I was to be spoken to, and how I was to be thanked.

Oh, I would make sure I would be thanked.

I was ladling water into the kettle when the soft knock came. It took a few moments after the adult had left…

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One of the most useful articles in recent years was spoon theory, Christine Miserandino’s thoughts on how we represent energy and chronic issues to those that might not know them. It’s come up a few times recently with some friends, and I’ve found some use in my own companion knife hypothesis, so I thought it was about time to put it out to the world.

First up, make sure you’re familiar with spoon theory. I’ll wait, I’m not going anywhere. …

BfA has had it’s fair share of community backlash and drama, and with BlizzCon over for 2018 and 8.1 a month away, I wanted to voice some of my personal thoughts and observations on the state of the game. Most of what I’ll be saying here is anecdotal, and based on my own experience, but your mileage may vary. Keep in mind, too, I’m Australian, so I’m using The Queen’s English.

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The Experience

It felt like the levelling and progression of BfA was a lot faster than previous expansions, particularly compared to Legion. Within the first day and a half…

A rather short science fiction

The Scale of the Universe. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, Acknowledgement: D. Calzetti (University of Massachusetts) and the LEGUS Team

I remember the singularity, when me became we, when them became us.

In the frame of reference of before, it was daytime. Light shone gently through the window of the office, it was morning as we called the positioning of the world and the stage in the machine of society. A liquid, coffee, steamed on my desk, the mug placed fresh by another… person, we called them. They had offered it, a trade… no, a returned favour.

Using words to remember is archaic.

The banality of life had encompassed me, safe as I was in…

Last year I pulled together a 1/144 space diorama for AVCon 2017, to go on display at the Gundam Club Australia area and showcase a bunch of models from the local enthusiasts. A bunch of us GCA members run free model building workshops a couple of times a year, but AVCon is always the biggest and most fun. The 2017 diorama used a bunch of my old wargaming hobby skills, making asteroids in the same way I’d make hills for a gaming table and so on, but for 2018 I wanted to step it up a pretty big notch. …

So, Kung Fu Panda was fucking awesome. So awesome, it needed to have sequels — plural. In the first, we get a look at the wider picture of ancient animal China, which is probably related to that ancient animal England from that Disney Robin Hood movie. Most people of the original cast are back, except for Bad Kitty, because who wants to recycle bad dudes?

Lord Shen, aka Wanker Peacock. Just look at that phase, what an asshole.

So, yonks ago, there was this massive dipshit of a peacock who was a Lord of Gatormen City. I think it’s Gatormen City, I dunno, I might be wrong there, but you know what, it…

This started as a post to the General Discussion forums of Battle.Net’s World of Warcraft area, but it felt a bit more bloggy so I’m going to throw it here first, and then share some of it there.

Often in gaming I feel like it’s easy to lose sight on the actual goal — having fun. …

So, we all know Jack Black right? In the amazing documentary Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, we see how he leaves home because Meatloaf is some super zealot nutbag, how he hears the voices of the gods of metal in his head, and how basically he can rock out so fucking hard he can even beat Satan at his own game. But did you know he is ALSO a master of KUNG FU FIGHTING!?!??!!!!11!?!?!2

So in China, much like in Little Tokyo where the Samurai Pizza Cats live, everyone is some kind of animal. The Kung Fu Supreme…

Like many films of the 1990’s, this one came from a Michael Crichton book. Spawning decades of “incompetence porn” and endless internet memes, this movie is as iconic and quotable a diatribe on why you just shouldn’t fuckin do some things as Samuel Taylor Coleridges’ “Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

Every year at Christmas the Attenborough dinner is a nightmare. It was constant one upmanship from Sir David, famous biologist, and the late Lord Richard, famous actor. …

My depression is heavy and thick this morning, as it was yesterday, a steady weight crushing upon me.

Sitting on the couch with a headache summoned by chaotic neck muscles, I trawled twitter for news and soft interaction, winding down from our first raid in the new WoW expansion. We’d made good progress, only the last fight before a random shutdown caught us struggling, and with the distraction gone darkness swarmed me again like a spectre.

On days like this, headphones would shield and power me onward.

It’s like trying to breathe in honey, made of something extremely soft while everything else in the world is made of solid concrete. On…

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