“ She doesn’t understand that you don’t advance and succeed because you want to and think you…

Imagine that…company that wants a person to work in a position THAT THEY applied for and that the company was looking to fill…get this…A WHOLE YEAR competently!!!!! Your constant need to find some nuance to defend the defenseless is laughable.

Did Yelp bait and switch her or did she know EXACTLY where she was working, in what capacity, and for how much? Yes or no? Assuming you’re not a complete dolt, you’ll answer yes. Given this, don’t you think an adult can adequately plan for this reality…up to and including not taking the job and moving?

What she least needs now is apologists like you for her poor choices…she needs a hard life lesson that will properly course correct her into knowing that hard work (yes…for more than 3 months!!!) not whining online and begging for money will lead to her success.