Was Talia lied to about where her job would be, what she would be doing and what her salary would be? Because only a yes to these questions would make her open letter understandable. Since the answers to these questions is no, Talia bears 100% of the responsibility of what happened.

Merely wanting to be more or aspiring to be more isn’t enough…sorry. She applied for a certain position and the company had every right to expect her to perform that position for a period of time before consideration of another. Certainly more than 3 months…dont you think?

And maybe she got the alcohol for free. Maybe she took hundreds of pics of food of complete strangers and watched them eat it afterwards whilst drooling in hopes they will toss her the last bite. Maybe the expensive make up she uses or the expensive kitchen appliances in her unaffordable apartment were all gifts. Maybe. But just piss poor optics to complain about the results of your bad choices and then ask the public for money to eat. The public is right to be skeptical.