Ti Le, you clearly don’t own a business or understand the psychology of consumer purchasing.

Who’s making the assumptions of others now? Oh I do own a business and have worked like a dog for others when I was younger so I share this much with you.

What I do know is that no one…talia included…has a right to their dream job at my company. If I was looking for a customer service person and someone applied to that job but dreamed of being an accountant, I still expect that person to do the job in which they applied. I have an accountant already so this other person should have either went to another company as an accountant or accept that they made a informed choice of what they will be doing. *Should* I have a future need for another accountant, I would consider them among all qualified applicants and not just hand it to this person because that was their dream. Maybe Yelp already had all the social marketers they need at the moment. Should Yelp create a new position just because someone wanted it?

Throwing around “you lack empathy” is the biggest cop out around when stories like this arise. There are cases where people struggle and hurt really through no fault of their own. Families that were duped during the financial crisis, people that come down with a diseases such as cancer, all the way to folks that are looking for their missing dog. All these folks get all my empathy and hope for better days. Sorry if Talia is not one of these folks. She should have made far better decisions and then blames her employer for her situation. Are we all mistake free? No one said that. But what you do after you make life mistakes says a lot about who you are and your character. I’d never hire a person like Talia because of this. But you own a business…there happens to be a person like Talia available. Is it time for that proverbial placing the cash where the eating goes? Let us all know how that goes.