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If you want to change the vinyl floor with bathroom ceramic tile, you need to remove the existing floor first. Why? Adding another set of floor over the existing one creates height problem and imbalance. Removing the floor and adhesive can be time consuming but it can be done without any professional help. Here is how you do it:

- Collect the basic tools like citrus solvent, hot water, shop vacuum, floor scrapper, and heat gun. Accumulate the tools and keep it at one place.

- If you are doing one complete room at a time, then remove every piece of furniture. Except tools, nothing should remain on the floor.

- You can either choose to remove or keep the baseboard intact. After bathroom ceramic tile has been installed, you have to apply some PVC trim to the baseboard bottom for sure. To learn more information about Spring Valley tile removal get in touch with us.

- Use heat gun to loosen the vinyl floor adhesive. Then, use floor scrapper to remove the floor in strips. Do not hurry otherwise, it will become a mess. If some spots act stubborn, then use citrus solvent or the hot water. Keep the scrapped floor aside and make the new installation area clean.

- After cleaning the area, inspect it for any damage, creaks, leeching and other reasons. In this case, you have to repair this problem before installing bathroom ceramic tile.

  • The final procedure includes floor leveling. You might notice some areas to be elevated and some other areas with low spot formation. Level such area through chipping or grinding. With this, the bathroom floor is ready for new tile installation.
  • For ceramic tile installation process, there are numerous sites online providing detailed procedure for installation. Like vinyl floors, this can be also a ‘do it yourself’ task but it can be time consuming as with removing vinyl floors.

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