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Britney Doan | Monday, July 26, 2021

Education is a resource that provides us with the knowledge necessary to further our personal and professional growth. We utilize the world around us to give us the information that we need in order to go out and accomplish our goals. So many students are interested in learning about business and entrepreneurship, but don’t know the first thing about the different industries and how they work. Not all students have connections to business professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders. Not all students have access to courses that can teach them about entrepreneurship, star-ups, etc. No student should be at a disadvantage when wanting to learn about something they’re passionate about.

Here’s how TILE helps:

TILE: Talks on Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, is the world’s largest conversation series. Started by high school students in Portland, Oregon, TILE is a worldwide network of independent student-run chapters hosting free, accessible conversations with fascinating people. We hope to inspire the use of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship as a force for good, and TILE chapters are encouraged to host conversations with individuals who reflect the pinnacle of ethical and thoughtful behavior.

With our help, students all around the world can start their own TILE chapters and host their own conversations, or “TILE Talks” as we like to call them. We provide our manual, resources, and everything to help the students run a conversation series at their own schools. Once a chapter has been established, students are able to learn and build professional and leadership skills that they will be able to carry into their future. Through reaching out to leaders in their communities to speak about their careers and journeys, students in TILE chapters will also be able to learn about different career paths, tips and advice, how to find and make meaningful connections, and so much more.

TILE currently has 493 student-run chapters in 57 countries worldwide.

What are TILE Talks?

TILE Talks are free speaker events that are independently organized and hosted by chapter leaders and team members. Each chapter will host a couple of talks each semester for other students and the community to attend and hear from a local innovator, leader, or entrepreneur. A TILE Talk consists of a 30–40 minute interview with the speaker, followed by a 15–20 minute Q&A session with the audience.

In September 2017, TILE helped 18-year-old Mohammed Al-Adlani escape the war zone in Sana’a, Yemen. Read about his inspiring story here.

President and Founder of TILE: Michael Ioffe

Michael Ioffe is the co-founder and CEO of Arist, a platform that helps leading companies train and teach through text messages. Prior to founding Arist, Michael founded TILE.org, one of the world largest entrepreneurial education nonprofits.

“ I started TILE when I was 15. Initially, as a way to learn about entrepreneurship. I’ve been obsessed with entrepreneurship since I was a kid and thought that the best way to learn about entrepreneurship was from local entrepreneurs themselves.”

CEO of TILE: Siddarth Sridhar

Siddarth (Sid) Sridhar is the current CEO of TILE and started the TILE chapter in Bridgewater, New Jersey. He has worked with everything ranging from chapter management, synergy development, partnerships, sponsors, advertising, and so much more.

“ TILE’s mission is not only about kids who want to hustle, but also for kids who want to learn, develop, and grow. Not just in privileged neighborhoods, but also in underprivileged neighborhoods — inner cities, war zones, etc. I think that’s the biggest mission. It’s a global aspect of helping kids in a world that’s becoming more innovative. ”

TILE has so much to offer!

Any student can start or join a chapter at their school. We provide you all the resources you need, which makes it accessible to all interested students.

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We hope everyone connects with TILE’s mission to provide accessible entrepreneurial education to students all across the world.
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TILE is the world’s largest conversation series with networks of student-run chapters hosting free, accessible conversations with fascinating people.