Here’s what I learned in every year of being in business: The biggest epiphanies, struggles, losses, wins and breakthroughs I had.

Here is the short version:

Year #1 — Strengthening and nurturing the right beliefs
Year #2 — Becoming a self-made music producer out of revenge
Year #3 — I burnt out because I wasn’t ready for “real” hustle
Year #4 — Selling my music business to my biggest competitor
Year #5 — Building a marketing agency and personal brand

“People overestimate what they can achieve in one year, but they underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years” — Tony Robins

Keep up the hustle my friends with all ups and downs.

In five years I’ll create a new video and I’ll be a new person. The beauty about entrepreneurship is that it forces you to evolve spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally every year.

That’s what I love most about it!

Have a great weekend.

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0:45 — Lessons learned in my first year of business
2:26 — Making a living as a music producer and my revenge for not getting my dream job (lessons from my second year in business)
10:22 — My burnout and what it taught me about business and life and that I did everything wrong (lessons from my third year in business)
18:40 — How I sold my first business to my biggest competitor and started to build a marketing agency (what I learned in my fourth year)
21:11 — My current projects and upcoming plans and what I learned in my firth year in business and how it has impacted my life

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