In the 10 days of noble silence I learned a tool that I now apply every day. It pulls me into the present moment and sharpens my intuition. I did not have major personal breakthroughs but I believe this tool can help most people out of inner trouble.

I took this video right after the retreat. If you want to save time, just read the article.

Where I come from

I have never had big issues with anger, depression, or anxiety. However, a major setback in my life last year made me question my own judgement. A good friend told me that “my intuition…

Q-page is a landing page builder that is focused on simplicity. In this video I analyze their marketing efforts and give ideas on how to improve.

Yesterday I got asked what I think of a particular SaaS, Q-page.

A software product with a lot of competitors.

A tool in a red ocean.

It’s hard to stand out in a space that is already occupied by unbounce and leadpages. See this video to get the ideas I had for marketing Q-page.

See the Q-page teardown here

Slides here

Q-page SaaS Marketing Teardown from Maerketing

Visit Q-page for a trial and see for yourself how it stands…

Download the slides here or on slideshare.

Company profile

  • Founded by five experienced product development professionals from New York City.
  • Opticlose is the optimization engine for high volume sales teams. It uses a sophisticated data analytics to deliver the best possible lead for each salesperson.
  • Their product automatically captures call log information and the streamlined UI makes it effortless to add important call data during or after the call.
  • Target group: Large Outbound Sales Team

Similar companies

  • — Inside Sales Communication Platform. Helps sales people close more deals. Y Combinator.
  • — helps companies who want to keep their sales teams busy…

Popsurvey can improve their content and attract more potential customers. We have a look at their content marketing and come to creative ideas on how they can boost their sales and engage with people.

Feel free to watch the video and read at the same time

Download the slides here or see them on

Company Profile

  • Software built in 2011. Popsurvey was then founded and self-funded by experienced CEO Josh Pigford, Advisors Siamak Taghaddos and David Hauser.
  • Site is easy to understand, presented clean and simple.
  • Easy tool to fill out and customize.
  • Intended to make surveys more interesting and…

This article is about a company called SuitePad. We have a look at their content marketing and come to creative ideas how to reach influencers in this niche.

Company profile

  • Started in 2012 by two young Germans
  • Ships kiosk tablets to hotels
  • Hardware and software shipped together
  • Helps hotels acquire new revenue streams

Currently on Android, Suitepad provides consistent communication standards in every room across all properties in the hotel chain.

Similar Companies

  • Sitekiosk (also from Germany), with allegedly the highest amount of installations worldwide.
  • ThinkTouch Interactive Kiosks, with over 20 years of award-winning experience in software development
  • Maptmedia, focuses on creating simple, user…

Should links be at the cost of your reputation?

At the start of a new site, blogger outreach can be used to kick-start traffic. Gabriella Sannino from points this out. The reason is that people don’t know about you. Outreach comes before organic search. Getting in front of influencers is a good way to get initial traction.

Blogger outreach “is often for initial traffic leaps”
Gabriella Sannino

Eventually, what all the experts agreed with is links, links and more links. High quality links are the main aim in any link building strategy as they yield more “link juice”. …

1. Formatting goes wrong

And Google had picked it up before you noticed.


image credit: screenshot reproduced from Google’s search results of “digital signage tips”

Look at the first organic result. Well done article but the formatting needs a little bit of review. The meta description is talking about the article in an objective way, which is a bit too objective it is actually weird (like a wingman who is standing next to you and says “he’s cool!”)

The author obviously took care of the SEO part, he just needed to be more careful and preview the result.

Don’t forget to review your articles thoroughly before publishing, not only grammar and spelling but also details…

A talk with investor and Metaliq Media Director, Michael Waitze about investing and doing business in Thailand. Get the full interview from my email list.

Originally published at on November 24, 2016.

Creating great content takes skill and effort. I view SlideShare as a great frame for that content. A good SlideShare presentation can be enthralling, entertaining and effective. I’m quite surprised it still goes fairly unnoticed for such an effective tool. According to last year’s report (2015), only 29% of marketers actually intend on increasing their SlideShare use.

Capturing leads is the number one benefit.

With a strong digit of 70 million users, majority of whom are professional users looking for specific content, it’s a great platform for exposure.

I, personally, think that presentations create the illusion of simplicity. When you…

I’d say persuasion is the main skill to have in any form of communication. In the perspective of testimonials, it is vital for your survival, but there are helping tools which can push you forward and get your clients to speak.

Social proof influences greatly: from the earliest age, to the eldest. If the cool kids get new phones, guess what every other child will demand for Christmas?

In terms of marketing, we’re all kids, and we are all prone to influence when we see someone else doing or having something interesting. This includes friends, family, partners, or even celebrities.

Till Carlos

Location Independent Entrepreneur and Vlogger. I live between Vietnam and Eastern Europe.

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