Meshfire Marketing Analysis (How to market a social media SaaS)

Meshfire is a social media automation tool for teams who want to put an ROI on their efforts.

In this video I inspect their internet marketing and how they are doing in terms of promoting their own SaaS.

What you can learn from the Meshfire Marketing

  • How to write relevant articles on a corporate blog
  • How to push PR as a CEO

Teardown video


Meshfire SaaS Marketing Teardown from Maerketing


Target Market

For Meshfire marketing, they’re target are Twitter users, mostly teams who need to work against campaign goals.

Metric Driven


Easy, simple. Samuel Hulick would love it.

Content Marketing

  • [+] Blog is well written and informative and updated often
  • [+] Good FAQ
  • [-] No other content marketing or repurposing




PR By the CEO

  • Mostly by the CEO, Eli Israel, who was featured a couple of times about social media and entrepreneurship like these articles on Forbes and Venturebeat.
  • [+] Eli Israel, the CEO, is known successful SaaS.
  • [+] Articles about his knowledge on the blog build trust are and insightful

JV And Integrations


Meshfire’s JV marketing

  • [+] Necessary integrations are done to operate the software
  • [-] The integrations are not used to drive traffic

Social Media


Facebook User Group


Twitter Communication

Meshfire’s social media marketing

  • [+] Twitter account is well-maintained
  • [-] No other channels

Word of Mouth

Customer Testimonials

Blog Posts

Email Marketing

After Trial Signup

Welcome Email (Cont)

Engaging Emails

More Emails

Another Welcome Email?

Meshfire’s Email Marketing

  • [+] Great welcome email to help the user get started

General Notes

  • A best performing marketing channel is not clearly visible
  • The software looks complete but underpriced

Marketing Ideas

  • Improve twitter profile
  • Better syndication for content marketing
  • Statistics from the whole user base as content

Can you check my SaaS?

Yes, if you have a marketing budget but are not sure if your actions are effective.

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Originally published at on January 15, 2015.