Opticlose — Why Outbound Marketing Still Matters

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Company profile

  • Founded by five experienced product development professionals from New York City.
  • Opticlose is the optimization engine for high volume sales teams. It uses a sophisticated data analytics to deliver the best possible lead for each salesperson.
  • Their product automatically captures call log information and the streamlined UI makes it effortless to add important call data during or after the call.
  • Target group: Large Outbound Sales Team

Similar companies

  • Close.io — Inside Sales Communication Platform. Helps sales people close more deals. Y Combinator.
  • Carb.io — helps companies who want to keep their sales teams busy by connecting them with the decision-makers from their ideal customer target companies.
  • Salesforce — web-based CRM application that enables you to forecast revenues and track leads.
  • Zoho — gives you a complete view of your sales cycle and pipeline.

Influencer Marketing

These influencers in this niche knows how to create buzz for your business and attract potential customers.

Content Ideas

Copy other outbound sales blogs — publish interesting/informative articles that will attract potential customers.

  • “Before this company size inbound does not make sense”
  • “Why outbound still outperforms other channels”
  • “5 Reasons Why Outbound Sales Is For Your Company”
  • “How Outbound Can Help You Boost Your Sales”

For the outreach you can use a tool like contentmarketer.io or use a service like ours.

It’s also good to get inspired by existing content. These are the best articles we could find on related topic:

  • Why Outbound Prospecting Still Matters — Now More Than Ever by Megan Tonzi on AG Saleswork.
  • Outbound Marketing Strategies Are Still Effective by Henry Schuck on MarketingProfs.
  • 13 Things You Can Do With a CRM System to Increase Sales Numbers by Shawn Hessinger on Small Business Trends.
  • How to Choose CRM Software by Brenda Porter-Rockwell on Inc.com.

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