Big Red Color (Beijing photo series pt. 2/2)

In 2015–2016 I was based in Beijing working in HIV/AIDS research for the Chinese government, through a year long conference — at least that was the visa type I was on.
[… continuation from part 1] The second part — 大红色, Big Red Color (direct translation from Chinese for ‘China red’), slowly brings in this more saturated experience that is more representative of life in this city, in terms of both color and the amount of movement through the frames.
Update: It did not go fully according to plan — the pictures became messy, so a 1:1 aspect ratio was chosen, but the saturation was allowed to increase. And with that the need to move came back. I’m now in Shanghai, where life is just a tiny bit easier — and the realization that if you fail to make one home, having many homes is not an inherently bad thing.