5 interesting things to do with Instagram’s new feature, Galleries

Instagram has rolled out the new Galleries features — which essentially allows you to add up to 10 multiple photos or videos. You can even add one or different filters to different photos. The only restriction is that the photos one has to upload need to be square and each video can only be 1 minute long. You’re also allowed just one caption.

Here are my top 5 interesting things to do with Galleries:

1. Showcase collections/previews/sneak peeks via Galleries 
Ever since the rollout of Instagram Stories, fashion and e-commerce brands have been giving users sneak peeks at their collections/range via Stories. Carousel ads have been around for a while too. What Galleries does is let you zoom in on the picture, which means you can check out the details of what’s on offer up close.

2. Create a series / story

Each picture is part of a story sequence. Swipe ahead to see more. You can create your own little story using a series of up to ten sequential images — like a breakdown of a GIF or a comic strip.

3. Up to 10 minutes of video

Here, it really depends on how compelling your content really is as the average attention span of a user is not generally less than a couple of minutes at best. Instagram’s singular video posts do not currently allow you to post more than a minute’s worth of content. Galleries though, let’s you post up to 10 minute-long videos — 10 minutes of content. Think of the possibilities of long form video content this gamechanger brings in! You could do product reviews, unboxing videos, How-tos, shorter versions of celebrity interviews and so much more.

4. Panoramic view 
We have already seen Instagrammers experiment with the 3x3 grid. Galleries could mean a neat way to break down pictures taken in panorama and showcased together as part of Galleries in separate hi-resolution square units, so the details are all there. It’s something travel brands might want to experiment with.

5. Showcase event photos 
One no longer has to choose between photos X, Y and Z — you can upload them all in one go. This is particularly useful when it comes to sorting through endless pictures of friends’ vacations, wedding ceremonies, festivals, kids events, workshops or just about anything else. ‘Galleries’ is a cool way to curate a ‘best of’ when you often have a dozen pictures.

I believe, by constantly introducing smaller changes and features, Instagram is emulating its peers from the Facebook stable to boost stickiness, both in terms of time spent on the app and also time spent on Instagram versus rival Snapchat.

Personally, I think Instagram is slowly taking away from Snapchat’s sheen on account of its already large user base as compared to Snapchat’s popularity with millennials. This new feature is hopefully the first of many unique changes to be rolled out on the platform.

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