Project 365: Day 290 — Winning

I’ve never been one to think about wins or losses but the changes ushered in by some life-altering events last year made me rethink. A few close friends have been very very generous about me having shown the strength to get out of something that threatened to harm my self-respect and my values. I like to think that somewhere my inner strength became my Patronus and beat out all the negativity.

And I believe I’ve won. I’ve successfully walked away from what could’ve potentially sapped me of emotional stability. Call me a selfish person, but I really care for and value my individuality. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go well with too many people. I have learnt to look past it. Ultimately, one is only accountable to oneself. In my mind, that is winning — being able to look yourself firmly in the eyes when you stare at a mirror.

I’m so happy with the way things have turned out. Life couldn’t be better. I’m also taking baby steps in art.

Last Saturday, I went for a mandala doodling workshop. I had such fun creating them that I might take it up more regularly.

Here’s a picture of what I made.

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