Project 365: Day 101 — Work resumes

It was back to work today after a long weekend today. I hate going back to work after extended weekends but today, I actually felt glad I was back to work after a good break. It just goes to show that I’ve left the negativity I acquired in my previous job behind and also sort of adjusted to the startup set-up.

My boss and I traded stories about the weekend. I told him about the crazy temple worshipper-like crowds at the H&M store opening in town (I was at the same mall and thankfully not at store at the time). He, in his typical style quipped, “Are they mad? How do these people have time?” My boss is a funny guy. He says things in all seriousness but they sound funny to the folks listening. And he’s a great guy to work with!

Anyway, we worked on some new stuff today, and tomorrow, there’s some more new stuff lined-up. Things look good in the upcoming months professionally at least.

Holidays get you in a good frame of mind for the onslaught of work. And to think, today, I wasn’t feeling my best. Going to call it a night early tonight. Bad back is killing me. Thanks for reading!