Project 365: Day 107 — A long night

I’m sort of stuck on this thing I’m working on. It’s actually a pretty straightforward template. Except it’s done to death. Which is what I think is responsible for making me feel stuck. I think it’s time to reinvent this template. The problem with doing that is there’s not enough time to finish the template. It’s a tedious process and we’re used to seeing the data extracted tabled a certain way.

It’s also about order. When you’re used to seeing things in a certain order, you get used to it. Envisioning presenting the same data differently can be difficult, especially if it’s routine analysis that isn’t going to throw up spectacular results. I suppose I’ll still have to find a way to better it.

Anyhow, there is loads of work to finish tonight. Thought I’d get my 100 Naked Words out before I continued.

Thanks for reading!

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