Project 365: Day 106 — Another setback

I thought it had been a somewhat okay day today, what with work getting wrapped up fairly easily without too many hitches and I also stepped out for a bit for a bit of a breather.

Got home and after relaxing for an hour, I had a violent bout of loose motions. It was so bad my stomach was aching terribly for the last few hours. It must be the medication I’m on for my muscle pain because my bowel movement has been a bit irregular for the last two days since I’ve been taking the medication. Iron tablets never go well with my system.

The pain has subsided since its peak, thanks to the ginger juice I drank right after the first time I went to the loo. Went back a couple of times and lost a lot of water to say the least. Currently I’m clutching a heating bag to my stomach which is easing the pain a little bit. This fresh setback for my health is really worrying me because it’s probably the fourth or fifth time in the last month-month and a half that I’ve taken ill. Fever, then cold, then allergic bronchitis then horrible spasms in my leg and lower back. Now this. The reason I wrote that down was just to keep count of how much my immune system has been battling with various deficiencies.

Maybe it’s time to take that exercise routine seriously. Let’s hope it goes okay.

That’s all for tonight. Will call it a night early tonight.