Project 365: Day 117 — Courage

If yesterday was about feeling blank, today is about finding courage. The toughest of us are scared out of our wits. If you ask me what I’m scared of, my first answer would be people — unknown people. I have gotten used to them over time — there are bound to be new people you must interact with every now and then. But the single biggest courage, I believe you need is the courage to stomach change. And none of us have it to begin with.

You see, most of us don’t adjust well to change. I don’t certainly, even though I’ve become a lot more flexible with time. Change doesn’t always happen for the best. Sometimes, we find ourselves intrinsically linked to the situation prior to the change. We can almost never fight change, because change, as they say, is inevitable. Change is fraught with a lot of nervous excitement, but also a lot of anxiety and sometimes pain and worry.

It is easy and justified to feel scared. You can’t embrace change in one go. The idea is to make peace with its existence. The more hostile we are to the change, the more it gets to us. Yet, we often act like we can’t get over it. When we stop paying attention to it, we get used to it.

Courage can take us places but fear and despair also have a lot to teach us. Especially about hope. I’m not a big believer in God. But I believe in an invisible force. It is the only thing I pray to when I do. I believe that force is behind us in everything that happens. Change might make our lives seem bleak but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel if we want to see it. And even seeing it, being willing to see it, takes courage.

We are nothing if not for our fears. We are nothing if not for hope.

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