Project 365: Day 137 — Why the Jennifer Aniston memes make me feel sad

Also, a mixture of annoyance and disgust, to be honest. Yes, the split happened, and I, like a lot of other people thought it was inevitable (though I thought so in 2005, after which I stopped bothering). Yes, JA was the girl next door we all loved so how could her smoking hot husband cheat on her, right? With a smoking hot woman, I might add. When I look back, it seems so silly and it feels like this was such a long time ago.

This whole barrage of tweets and memes about Jennifer Aniston basically delivering Rachel Green style burns about this split business was all funny to begin with but it’s just sad after a point.

I clearly remember the hoopla about sad, sad Jen who was “on the rebound” after splitting from Brad and seemed like she was going into a downward spiral with a series of bad dating experiences.

Then, she “redeemed” herself (finally!) a decade later by marrying Justin Theroux. Now that Brad’s marriage has met the same fate as hers with him, she seems to have finally gotten some “closure”?

It’s scary how women seem to be such a soft target even for something as sensitive as a marriage falling apart. I’d like to see just how much Brad is painted as a victim, whether he ever gets his “redemption”.

My problem with these memes is just one: Why does a woman always need a man to validate her existence? Husband dumps her so she’s down and out; marries again, so she’s back on track and then said ex gets dumped so she’s gotten her revenge.

The memes, they’re all funny, but are they necessary at all? Jennifer clearly seems to have moved on so why is everyone else still hung up over the bitterness of the past?

It may be karma or anything else that may have ruined the Jolie-Pitt marriage, but every marriage, even a weak one deserves privacy when things aren’t right. Not jibes, not bitterness of any kind in what could already be an explosive situation.

Whether it’s the Aniston-Pitt or the Jolie-Pitt marriage, chances are, things were already wrong. People can rarely break what is already broken. It takes more than a person to break a strong marriage. It’s the weak ones that usually go for excuses like “other person” as a crutch when the marriage breaks down. Just my opinion.

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