Project 365: Day 155 — Cooking

I’ve never been too much of a cook. I’ve never been too enthused by the idea of cooking, simply because it feels like work. Yesterday, on a whim, I thought I’d cook on Sunday. It felt good just going with the flow and choosing an easy enough recipe.

I’ve never been very confident about domestic chores. I like fixing something for my loved ones when I’m in the mood (which is perhaps once a week). I usually keep it simple — a pizza or boiled egg sandwich, because that’s largely all I can do despite having a decent understanding of flavours. It is my dream to master cooking — just enough to be able to function without a cook, for purposes of survival.

Some day I hope to cook a complete multiple dish meal. Hopefully, some day.

Until then, here’s a picture of the Chilli Chicken I made today. A lot of intimidating ingredients but not all that tough.

Chilli chicken fixed this morning.

Thanks for reading!

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