Project 365: Day 161 — Good things happen

Good things happen when you start to believe in the possibility of being okay. You start to get in touch with your old self. You start to do the things you used to before. You find joy in the little things. You rediscover your love for those things. The love you forgot you had for YOU.

There is Zen in accepting your own imperfections without being able to think of them as something someone else might fault. There is pure, unbridled joy in pursuing the things you had previously abandoned or stopped indulging in. There is joy in embracing YOU — for who you are, jagged edges notwithstanding.

Bigger shit happens in the world. Last I checked, the Great Barrier Reef was dying and that is worse than most things in the world. Wars and famines happen. You’re too tiny a person. The world has far more important things happening compared to your problems. The world’s problems have problems. You can choose to be part of your own solution and get there eventually. A lot of people won’t like the choice you make but it’s your life, make sure you make it count. Besides, too many people in the world don’t have the luxury of being both able and willing to solve their own problems. You’re lucky! A little worse for wear, but you will find joy in saying, “I will survive”, and mean it. Good things will happen to you if you let the light in.

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