Project 365: Day 182 — Of butchering technique and other comforts

My best friend has gone home for the weekend and I miss her. A lot.

While everyone can only talk about the really crazy stuff with their best friends, I can actually say that she is my partner in crime when it comes to indulging in all the weirdest stuff most people would judge me based on.

Today we were on the phone for a long time and were musing about how we would chop up meat/people we both know. Turns out it would be in the exact same manner.

So, in the distant future / in our next lives, if we open up a non-vegetarian / cannibalism themed restaurant, it will be named ‘Bichde Hue Butchers’ (Long Lost Butchers), in honour of our technique and err… finesse.

I love that even our jokes and twisted thinking is mad aside from the off chance that it is alike (it usually isn’t, our twisted brains are different parts crazy).

I have had close friends but none that have been able to match step for step with my level of crazy, no one who I have been okay letting in my designated space. She is the only one that has managed to encroach on my space because she has similar ideals and notions of tune in and tune out.

A friend recently asked me if I’d marry her; we are married on Facebook from back in the day when that kind of thing was cool. In my head and heart, she is my family and someone who I love for both the kink and the comfort she gives me. No one else has that position but her (despite our issues in the past wherein we’ve almost fallen out).

This same friend who posed the question also told me that we have the worst possible fights with the people that are worth fighting for and if they stick around eventually, they were always meant to be.

There is a special place in heaven where beautiful cherubs are created as a testament to the beauty of good things life has to offer. Sometimes, these cherubs walk the earth and happen to run into you, or make you wait for 45 minutes at a coffee shop with a spare cellphone after memorizing your number for fear of being lost with a non-working cellphone, as this cherub did in our case. You get lost in conversation because such is the charm of that cherub.

You figure you go together as well as rum and Coke (or green apple vodka and Sprite). So the cherub becomes an intrinsic part of your life. Laughter and a lot of otherwise pointless stuff becomes mainstream and fun with this cherub. Adventure becomes mainstream, even if it’s something as silly as looking for a tiny aquarium/boating club for 45 minutes without Google Maps. Because together isn’t good, it’s great!

How many people do you know who can boast of this kind of companionship? Cheers to us, Divya Srivastava ! 😘