Project 365: Day 192 — Taste and texture

Alana watched as the vendor proceeded to spin bubblegum pink cotton candy. It always fascinated her how the thin strand of cotton would be woven into clouds of pink on a stick.

She would carry it home holding it high in front of her like it was a bombshell. She insisted the vendor wrap it in plastic so no crow or pigeon could poop on it from above. The other kids watched with envy as she walked past them, nose in the air with the stick of candyfloss ahead of her.

She would arrive home. Her father would grin at the sight of her while her mother would sigh. She would lock herself in the room she shared with her grandmother and fat tabby cat, Appa. He was called Appa because she had confused the terms for her father and cat, which resulted in the latter being christened Appa.

She would break off a few strands of the candyfloss and feed them to her toothless grandmother who would smile with her tongue out as she felt the candyfloss dissolve slowly in her mouth. She would wave her hand and pull Alana’s cheeks affectionately when she had had her fill of candyfloss.

Then Alana would turn her attention to Appa, who would patiently await his turn until she turned to face him, which is when he would stretch lazily, lick his paw and follow her palm with his eyes as she broke a strand of candyfloss and threw it in the air for Appa, who would promptly bound almost gracefully and grasp the strand between his paws. Her favourite was when she placed a bit of it on his nose, and Appa would sneeze and chase it around as it floated away.

To the world, to other children, Alana was an introverted, almost haughty child. In the confines of her room however, Alana was as happy as any child could possibly be. Happiness could mean different things to different people and in her universe, it was taste, texture and a bright shade of pink.

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