Project 365: Day 198 — Bath

The water flow in our shower was much less than usual today. I hadn’t had much sleep last night so I wasn’t too happy about it; I had hoped to wash my hair today. Ah well…

Bathing is probably my favourite routine among all the things I begin my day with. Bathing gives me thinking time; the pot is mostly my letting go place (literally and figuratively), but showers are where real thought happens. Which is why I hate it when people call out to me when I’m taking my hot shower.

I really enjoy hot showers. Too hot for normal people, the temperature I enjoy bathing in. Not too long, 15 minutes. Not bathing properly makes me cranky, and I had a really cranky morning… almost fell asleep on the train ride, almost fell asleep on my way back.

I will go take a hot shower in some time. I need something before I hit the snooze button on my day.

Not much else to report today so here’s where I sign off.