Project 365: Day 221 — Swamped with work

I think most of my posts this week are going to be work centric. It is hectic to say the least and I feel very very pressed for time.

On my way from work yesterday, I spotted a dog sleeping soundly in the middle of the bustling platform at the train station. I felt a little envious when I saw him snoozing so peacefully.

In other news, the tweets from East Aleppo break my heart. A 11 year old, a father of an infant tweeting about their impending deaths in a few hours. It reminded me of just how insulated we are. It also reminded of the way a friend put it — at the end of all this Assad will have a country to rule over but who will be left to rule over in this country. Certainly not many.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading!

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