Project 365: Day 263 — What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between a man wanting to ‘make America great again’ and a man who has only propagated his right wing ideologies based on the notion of religion being a big issue.

What’s the difference when a man of privilege mocks a reporter with a disability and a “democratic” country’s Government issues guidelines for model behaviour for the disabled, stating that they should "maintain maximum alertness physically”. So what does someone who has no control over his / her bodily functions do?

It angers me. To be part of something so stuck in its own notions of right wing fuelled patriotism. When people with a disability get beaten up for not standing up in a theater. Is that a mark of how much respect we can show our National Anthem? By beating a person who is incapable of defending himself?

For all those right-wing lovers of our current regime and those among them who hate Trump? Ask yourself how different it is? Hating someone ruling a country many miles away, while loving or rather worshipping someone here whose rise to fame within his own party was on account of his authorizing / standing by as riots broke out against a minority community. Women raped, kids, men killed, tortured. Does that never haunt you? How do religionlus or racial affiliations justify a crime against anyone? I’m still looking For a satisfactory answer.

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