Project 365: Day 266 — Support for cats

Anyone who knows me knows I’m madly in love with cats. I have a thing for stopping on busy footpaths to engage with stray cats. As Bombay has no dearth of stray cats or dogs, I find myself engaging with one on most days. I frequently call out to them and most of them come play or stare or nuzzle depending on how wary they are.

I wish to home a stray or two some day. Perhaps when I move into my own place. It’s a lot of responsibility, to care for a being who doesn’t see things as you do. Cats are beautiful, special creatures and what people say about them being selfish creatures is bullshit; just because they aren’t as devoted to you as dogs are, it doesn’t make them selfish creatures. Cats have a tremendous amount of affection to offer too. As someone who comes across as cold and aloof too, I actually think cats have more to offer than meets the eye. I have found so many cats to be wonderful, trusting, loving creatures. Loving, despite the abuse that some humans put them through.

A friend of mine had once homed a kitten who had been used as a plaything by her previous owner. He used to throw the kitten at the wall repeatedly for fun. The kitten came to her deaf. It breaks my heart to see so many animals suffer abuse at the hands of humans. Functioning humans with brains.

Do you know the punishment in India for abuse / torture / murdering animals? 50 bucks. That’s not even 1 US dollar. No jail time that’s non-bailable. That’s how cheap the life of an animal is.

I’ve written before about the Cat Cafe Studio in Bombay that takes care of stray cats. Some of them have been rescued, others found and taken in. CCS is running a funding campaign for their facility in Bombay. They plan on making the facilities better for the cats. They’re running their campaign on Kickstarter. They’ve set a goal of $ 50,000 of which they’ve only managed to achieve about 16%. I’ve done my part by donating.

I know that a lot of you aren’t based in Bombay, or even India. The reason I’m putting this out there is because I’ve seen the kind of effort the team behind CCS has put in to home these cats and give them a safe environment to live and thrive in. They do adoption camps every now and then. If you find it a cause worth investing in, do donate.

I’ll let some of these videos do the talking. I’d request you to watch some of them and pitch in to their efforts if you like. Your amount only gets donated off your debit / credit card on Kickstarter if the project crosses the goal. Here’s the link to the campaign.

Watch this video to know more about the studio:

Watch the stories of Ian and Salem:

Here’s the link to the campaign, once again. In case you do plan to donate, please do so before 17th Feb 2017; that’s when the campaign ends.