Project 365: Day 29 — The Underrated Virtue of Sleep

Sleep is highly underrated. The best solutions to problems have come to me after a good night of sleep.

There are many who will advocate the benefits of working late nights and not being morning people. I’m certainly among those. However, it doesn’t mean I compromise on the number of hours of good sleep. So even if I have a critical problem that seems to have no current resolution in sight, I make sure I sleep over it. Somehow when I wake up, the problem looks less critical. Or perhaps it is just me thinking a little more clearly because my brain is well-rested.

There are those who will advocate the value of over-extending themselves and compromising on sleep. They will claim to only get 5 hours a night and be able to work efficiently. I can never be one of those people and I honestly question the effectiveness of the output generated on lesser sleep hours.

Do you feel like you get more done by being well-rested? Let me know what you think.

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