Project 365: Day 332 — Bouncing back after a low

There are various things that can get you down. Niggling health issues, usually the least of my worries, seem to be worrying me most this year. After a crazy health scare earlier this year, I’ve done all I can to better my health. Something new and unrelated popped up a few days ago.

Doctors and mothers have a way of assuming the worst (or at the very least) making you think that way. It was quite a low for me as well, assuming the worst, thinking that the worst will happen. Not that I know any better now but I found myself bouncing back after a low again this morning.

I’d like to say I’m brave (at least that’s what several of may friends tell me), but everyone’s scared of something in their lives. In my case, it’s probably being heavily medicated among others. Either way, I’m hoping this was just a passing feeling. It’s one thing to be ill and then compound it with overthinking.

I feel good again and I didn’t think I would be at both ends of the emotional spectrum in this short span of 24 hours.

Life’s good.

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