Project 365: Day 356 — There is great wisdom in getting old

The long weekend was beautiful. Movies, food and friends for company.

There are few things I need to revisit. Reading and watching new shows happens to be one of them. I absolutely need to go back to my copy of The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

My birthday is next month. Suddenly, 28 doesn’t feel that old anymore. I feel a lot lighter and happier heading towards it. It’s great to be getting older, wiser. The last year has been one of experiences I wouldn’t change even a bit of; they have all taught me something even the ones I have cried buckets over.

Wisdom not only comes to us from our own experiences, but it only does come to us when we do choose to learn something from it. Self awareness is the first step towards leading a fulfilled life, a life one can live better by learning from the experiences of the past.

I am glad I am wiser in my choices today, though this sort of wisdom is always a work-in-progress.

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