Project 365: Day 359 — Failure is inevitable, but so is success!

We are all taught we fail as humans. But what we aren’t taught is that we are bound to fail in many ways and many times in order to get somewhere in our lives. Progress never happened in one day and in one go! Countries wouldn’t fire test missiles otherwise.

Almost 6 years ago, I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy. I eventually moved to communications because I realised I always wanted to be in the field and somehow wanted to get in there. But the number of times I’ve seen fellow Chartered Accountancy students fail at their exam attempts! It’s not for lack of trying; the authority only passes about 10–15% of students writing the attempt. It can be very frustrating for someone who hasn’t cleared those many attempts.

The thing is, you can’t let your failures get you down. They can either define you or goad you into doing better and if you keep at the latter for long enough, you will succeed. It is very tough keeping your chin up during tough times. But one does need to get out there and fight. Running away and shutting yourself up hoping that the fear will go away isn’t going to help. As crippling as fear is, once you see that it’s possible for your dreams to actually manifest, you can hit the road with confidence.

And even the greatest people don’t know what they’re doing sometimes. Don’t chase perfection or something that you think is enviable. Instead, chase small goals and ensure you complete them. Small always adds up to something big. All it takes is persistence.

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