Project 365: Day 36 — The run up to a holiday

Another trip, another holiday!

Yet another holiday I’m taking with a friend. The running around before a holiday gets to me. The shopping, stocking up on meds, double checking to make sure it’s all there, dealing with perpetually panicking parents in the process… It’s all quite bothersome. This happened when we were visiting Singapore last year (my best friend and I).

I’m quite kicked about this holiday though. We’re traveling to Goa, known for its relaxed lifestyle and beaches. It’s a huge tourist destination, particularly famous for attracting tourist. One thing very few folks know about me is that my native place is also Goa.

I have never seen Goa as a tourist; haven’t spent more than 10 minutes on a beach in the 20+ times I’ve been there. My parents don’t share my touristy enthusiasm for Goa, they believe in visiting it only for worship (temples).

So this time, I’m hoping to see and hopefully capture some of the sights and sounds of Goa from a tourist’s perspective. I’ll try writing about my adventures in the next few days that I’m there.

I’ll sign off now; need to wake up early, have a flight to catch. I will be writing from Goa for the next 4 days.

Until then… See you on the other side!

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