Project 365: Day 49– Two Days, Three Movies

Movies and TV are an important part of my life. Indeed, I think they’re the best form of education, purely for the different kinds of storytelling techniques out there.

On my birthday yesterday, I watched Raman Raghav 2.0, a psychological thriller and today, I watched two movies back to back — The Truman Show and Volver. Here’s my take on them:

Raman Raghav 2.0: Made by one of my favourite directors, this movie isn’t among Anurag Kashyap’s top 5 by any standards. It borrows inspiration from Raman Raghav, the famous “stone-killer” of the 60s who killed some 41 people by crushing their heads with a stone. Our “villain”, Raman (the wonderful Nawazuddin Siddiqui), appears to emulate his way of killing people, except now he’s armed with a 2 food long steel pipe. A drug-addled Raghav (Vicky Kaushal, good but not his best) chases him as he goes on his murdering spree only to find himself to be on his radar. The end becomes a bit predictable in that sense. The film gets a little slow in the second half and is a bit predictable in a couple of places but it’s got good elements just the same. It wouldn’t be half as strong, for example, without that killer background score and soundtrack, courtesy of Ram Sampath (can’t remember the last film he’s lent his compositions to after Delhi Belly), a great screenplay by Vasan Bala and Kashyap and a powerhouse performance by that master of crazy, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He gives you the creeps as Raman and even though the film meanders in places he carries it ably on his firm shoulders. Could it have been a better film. Yes of course. Is it worth a watch? Yes, most definitely.

I also caught The Truman Show today. It’s a film about a man who has been raised in a simulated reality — the environment that he lives in is entirely fictitious and he is the only real thing about it — his best friend, his job, his parents, his wife, everything is a lie. Things get interesting when he begins to realize how he’s being watched and is repeatedly prevent from “exploring the world out there”. This film reminded me very strongly of Groundhog Day. It could never have been pulled off without the eternal sunshine that is Jim Carrey. I once told my boyfriend, who is a diehard fan of Robin Williams — Jim Carrey is to my generation what Robin Williams was to his (no offense there, to either Williams or Carrey fans). No one other than Carrey could’ve pulled it off. Imagine realizing your whole life is one big fat lie. Imagine having your whole life as one never-ending Big Brother episode. It is a wonderful film that leaves you smiling.

Finally, coming to the Penelope Cruz film, Volver. Volver in Spanish translates to ‘Coming Back’. In essence, this film is about a mother coming back from the dead to help her children cope with misery and tragedy. It’s a lovely film that focuses on relationships and family. It can be mistaken for a horror film but it is not. It is a wonderful film — nothing out of the ordinary when you first start watching it, but as you watch for longer, you will realize how lovely it is.

That was Day 49. Half century coming up tomorrow. Very happy I’ve come this far. ☺ Thanks for reading! If you think there are any movies I should watch, do leave your recommendations in the comments. Do tap the heart below if you like what you’ve read.

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