Lonely Child

She spent most of her life hearing about how she would grow up and have a wonderful wedding. They chattered away excitedly and sounded happy about sending her away. No one ever asked her what she wanted. All she wanted was to be held close and be told that she was understood, she was loved. But no one ever told her that. She strained her ears for a sign but all she ever heard was about how she would finally go away. Their incoherent loud voices always seemed to fill her ears even in the silence of the night. They always made her feel unloved and unwelcome. Then one day, she did go away. They called her 'Runaway Bride’. She had always wanted to live in the hills. So that’s where she went. She stared into the silent valley below and for the first time, she felt at peace. The voices died like a radio that had lost its frequency. She had finally tuned them out. They had always wondered why she liked being on her own, why she was such an outcast - a lonely child. They never realized that they themselves had unwittingly championed the cause of her loneliness. As for her, she never thought of herself as lonely. It was always her "loneliness" that she could relate most to. For even the most well-meaning company could feel claustrophobic.

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