Showcase your work like a professional by using these amazing multipurpose brochure designs as inspiration! Browse through 100 hand-picked, creative brochure designs and get inspired! Some of these brochure designs are just for inspiration, while others also come with fully customizable templates that you can download! Their layouts are customizable and you can easily add your information to the designs. Also, among the brochures we selected below, you may also find some useful info about how to design better brochures.

First impression matters! That’s why all of these brochure designs have a strikingly good cover designs. Make the cover stand out, but keep in mind that the cover needs to have a similar design to the brochure so that they look as a whole.

Also, depending on the products, services, or business that you want to promote, you can also use various additional elements to make sure that people remember your design. For instance, you can include in your brochure items such as CDs, business cards, vouchers, etc. Get creative!

You can also use hand-drawn illustrations, die cuts, bold colors, various shapes, paper textures, or creative typography to create beautiful brochures with remarkable designs.

Get motivated by these brochure templates and designs and use them as an inspiration for your next projects. You will find here lots of design ideas on how to best promote your services through brochure design. Check them out!


This is a great example of a creative brochure. The contrast between the unique illustrations, the bright colors, and lovely textures makes a huge impact.


Professional A5 Catalogue Brochure

Use an A5 catalog/brochure to showcase your products in a professional manner. You can download this template in a 12-page PSD file template that is print ready.


Tourist Guide Brochure

The presentation says a lot about a product. Here is a stunning tourist guide brochure with a wonderful design. Take a look!


Tessuto Fashion

You can use die cuts in your favor to make your brochure unique. The cuts show a bit of the picture under, enough to get your attention.


Adidas brochure

There is no need to use a rectangular shaped brochure. You can experience with the geometrical forms and select the one that looks perfect for your design.


4 Bridges Art Festival Patron Brochure 2007

Here is a unique brochure that was specifically designed for the 4 Bridges Art Festival. Get inspired by this design and create your own project.


Yahoo Search Marketing Brochure

This is a wonderful brochure with a stunning design. Take a look at this lovely template and use it as an inspiration for your next projects.


San Martino Company Profile

Break the conventional design by using pop-up images to create an impact. This will definitely attract the viewer’s attention.


San Francisco Ballet

Get inspired by this customized ballet themed brochure! This item has a unique design with die-cuts formats.


Ewaan Corporate Brochure

Experience with unusual shapes and bold cuts. Also, using a unique graphic makes all the difference. Get creative!


Audubon Promo Kit

This is a great way of promoting various products. You can include your brochure into a promotion kit which makes a huge difference.


Oakland A’s Pitch Book

Here is a wonderful item that was created with amazing craftsmanship. It has a beautiful design with amazing colors.


Accordion-style & Die cut

This brochure has a lovely die cut design with an accordion-style layout. This type of design is perfect for emphasizing certain elements.


Vespa brochure

This stunning brochure has a cover that opens to reveal the actual brochure. The paper color and the design give it a unique look.



Check out this wonderful item that uses strong colors and beautiful illustrations. This makes the brochure look amazing and will surely stand out.


Shoreditch Letting Brochure

This fantastic design uses geometrical shapes to emphasize certain elements. The designer also used bold colors which will definitely attract the viewer’s attention.


Brochure design for Hydroteck

Check out this neat brochure that was specially created for Hydroteck. It uses a beautiful photorealistic water design that looks stunning.


Attitude Brochure

The colors and illustrations from this brochure give it an outstanding design. Also, the seal gives it a neat touch.


Lifestyles Brochure

Here is a custom brochure that was specially created for Ford motor company. This item has a wonderful design with lots of hand drawn illustrations.


Audi brochure

A simple design can sometimes be exactly what you need. This stunning design uses a beautiful gray color and a unique way to open it. Take a look!


Exclusive Brochure

This is an excellent brochure with a professional design. It is available in a fully customizable print ready format. Enjoy!



Here is another great way to showcase your design. This gift box includes a brochure, with all the necessary information, and a voucher.


Atmosphere corporate brochure

You can get creative by adding a package to the brochure. This will only benefit the overall design.


The Conqueror

This is a great brochure that pays attention to the importance of paper texture. Also, it uses beautiful graphics that stand out.


Carpathia — Office House

Here is an amazing set of visual materials that was used to promote the business. Take a look and use it as inspiration for your projects!


MAG LAB Interactive Portfolio CD

This is a lovely CD cover with an outstanding design. This design uses die cuts and it looks wonderfully.


Self Promotional Mailer

Here is an interesting promo set of various items that you can use to showcase your work. This includes a portfolio, a brochure, business cards, and a customized memory card game.


Lake Source

This lovely item uses bright colors and a die cuts design to make a statement. Take a look at its design and get inspired for your own project.



Here is an outstanding design that uses cuts to emphasize various elements. This also uses various illustrations and neat colors.


Brazil — Brochure

This is a unique brochure design that will stand out and make an impression. The designer used various textures and creative fonts to achieve this template.


Corporate Business Brochure

This is a high-quality brochure with a lovely design. This is available in an InDesign file and it is easily customizable and ready to print.


Minimal Eyes Brochure

This is a great example which shows that simple design can also make an impact. This brochure template has a minimalistic design and beautiful colors.


Taj Villas

Check out this amazing brochure design that is inspired by nature. This high-quality item has a professional design that will get the viewer’s attention.


Hilton F&B Brochure

This is a nice brochure with a regular format and a professional design. This template has a well-designed template, it uses high-quality images and beautiful fonts.


WildLife Brigade

This is another amazing brochure template with a stunning design. It has the conventional regular shape but it stands out with a unique layout.


2012 Haworth Seating Promotions Brochure

This is a great brochure that displays all the necessary information. This item comes with a clean design with well-organised elements.


Exclusive Horizontal Brochure

This is an excellent brochure template with a fully editable design. This is a 28-page layout that you can turn into a 16- or 56-pager.



This brochure stands out thanks to its professional design and strong colors. The images and the font, as well as the layout, make a huge difference.


A Project for the Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau

This is a great brochure that has a strong message. This design uses bold colors and neat illustrations.



This is a simple brochure template with a minimalistic layout. This has a lovely design which is very effective. Take a look!


Grund — Design Trend Collection

This is a kit that includes 5 cases with various colors. Each one includes a catalog and a poster with different typography.


Retro Barbershop Brochure Template

Here is an amazing brochure template with a retro design. Take a look and use it as an inspiration for your project.


Counseling Brochure Template

You can use watercolor techniques and various paper textures to create a unique design. This is a great brochure with a professional design.


MCA — A5 Brochure Design

This is a great A5 brochure design with an accordion-style layout. The template emphasizes on the typography, making sure that the information is well read.


Quem Sou Eu? Who Am I?

Using illustrations is another way to create a stunning brochure that will attract the viewer’s attention.


Spencer’s Crossing

This is a lovely brochure design that uses a wonderful texture. This also uses beautiful fonts and illustrations.


RVC CPD Brochure 2013

This is another great brochure template with a professional design. It has a nice and simple design that will get your attention.



Check out this amazing brochure template that has a colorful cover. This will definitely stand out and make an impression.


NTU Art & Design Book 08/09

Here is a multicolored corporate brochure with a stunning floral design. Get inspired by this design and get creative!


SDA Cafe Brochure Out

Here is a beautiful cafe brochure template that you can use to promote your products. This item has a lovely design with high-quality elements.


Brochure / Poster

Here is a great brochure/poster template that has on a side a brochure and on the other side a poster. Take a look!


Hot Club Portugal

This is a small brochure template that has all the information that you need in a concise form. Check out this layout and see if it fits your design.


Design Futures Exhibition Materials

Use this 3 fold brochure template to promote your business. This displays all the necessary information as well as a small portfolio of previous projects.


RW Swiss Style Brochure

Use a landscape-oriented layout to fit your information better. Also, there is a nice contrast between the white background and the red shapes that get your attention.



Here is are some colorful brochures that you can use as an inspiration to create your own works. Enjoy!


Deep Funk Records Brochure

This is an excellent brochure with a stunning design. The illustration, the font, as well as the colored stripes, make a huge impression.


Trendy Flower Shop Brochure Template

You can use various motifs and hand-drawn elements to achieve amazing results. This brochure for a floral shop has a lovely design that stands out.


YPT 2012 Season Brochure

This is a nice graphic that can be adapted according to your needs. Take a look and see if it inspires you.


Dream of Mind

Here is a stunning brochure template with a unique design. The designed used lovely colors and textures to achieve this wondrous look.



Here is a lovely multipurpose tri-fold brochure with a fully customizable design. This item is print ready and it will look beautifully.


Fashion brochure template

This is an artistic A4 brochure template with a simple but stunning design. It has a minimalistic layout with concise information, with a professional look.


Business portfolio brochure

Here is a print ready brochure that you can use to showcase your projects. It can be easily customized to fit your needs and to insert your info.


Photography template

This is a modern brochure template that can be excellent fo photographer. It displays on the cover a full-width image and inside there is enough space to showcase your best images.


Hexagon brochure template

This is a wonderful 16 pages brochure template with an amazing design. It has a customizable design that lets you change everything as you want.


Graphika booklet

You can use this fully customizable PSD template to create neat brochures. The file includes 20 pages with nice layouts that are print ready.


Multipurpose creative template

You can use this brochure template to display various information. This template has a clean and lovely design that will get your attention.


Branding identity guideline template

Check out this brochure template that includes 38 pages with a square layout. It comes with a lovely yellow color but that can be changed to fit your brand colors.


A5 brochure template

Take a look at this wonderful A5 brochure template that you can use to promote various products, services, works, etc.


Trend setters brochure

Here is an A5 brochure template with a print ready layout. This design was created by using free fonts, that are available for download.


Product brochure

This is a contemporary 17 x 6.4 brochure template that has a lovely design. This item can be easily adapted to meet your requirements.


A5 InDesign booklet

This is a great A5 multipurpose template that you can customize and adapt to meet your requirements.


Creative brochure

Here is another amazing brochure template with a creative design. This layout can be perfect for various uses, for example, a portfolio.


Creatives portfolio

This lovely brochure with a clean design can be used for portfolios, to showcase your work. This is a 16-page layout which you can edit as you want.


Creative company brochure

This is a creative brochure with a unique design. This template has a strong color and a beautiful illustration with a strong impact.



You can benefit from monochrome brochures with expressive illustrations. This template was created using metallic colors and well-designed artwork.


Division of Industrial Design

Use the paper texture to create a unique design. This brochure has a clean and minimalistic design and it stands out thanks to the creative cover.


Antonis Zlatis — Event Brochure 1

This is a joyful brochure template that can be used to promote cultural events. This design includes creative illustrations that make it stand out.


Antonis Zlatis — Event Brochure 2

Here is another amazing brochure template that was created by the same designer as the one above. This can also be used to promote various events.


Electro Music Festival

Contrast can be used to make sure that your design doesn’t get by unnoticed. This lovely brochure has a remarkable design with bold yellow insertions.


Web Directions Respond 2014

Geometrical shapes can also be used to create stunning designs. This brochure has an appealing design with strong colors and a creative layout.


Masala Darbar

This is an amazing 2 colored brochure template that you can use to promote your products from a food-related business.


Skinny Blonde Baker

Cutouts can also be used to create a 3d look to a design. Here is a wonderful brochure template that uses neat colors in perfect harmony.


Sandwich Factory

Here is a black & white brochure template with a clean and simple design. This is a great example of striking designs that focus more on the text and a simple but effective layout.


Brandon Grotesque

This is a lovely brochure template with a minimalistic design. This multipurpose item has a great layout that can be used for various projects.


Vulture Labs

This is another excellent brochure template with a remarkable design. Take a look at this item and get inspired to create your own brochure.


Nishma Healthcare

Brochures have multipurpose uses and this right here can be used to promote medical services. Check it out!


STRIVE Passport

Brochures can also be folded to create various shapes. You can add a further functionality to your brochure by designing it to stand on a desk in a certain way and writing information on it.



This is a great brochure with a striking design. It has a general black & white design but with various red-colored accents.


Energo-Holding Brochure

Illustrations, when used properly, can be used to create impressive designs that will definitely get your attention.



This is a great brochure template with a wonderful white and green design. This item has a well-organised layout that lets you visualize the information in a great way.


KHPT Publications

You can also create remarkable compositions by overlaying various designs. Take a look at this brochure template and start experiencing.



Use 3d elements to get your message across and to make your brochure design unforgettable.



This is a stunning brochure template that has a unique design. The designed used cuts in the layout to emphasize certain elements.


2/3/4 Arts Center

The presentation is all when it comes to promotional elements. These have to attract the viewer’s attention, making him want to open and read the information.


Polish Theatre in Poznan’

This is a lovely brochure design that uses a beautiful design with strong colors. It has a striking design thanks to the contrast and the creative little brochure attached.


Golden Ring

When creating travel brochures, it is important to use high-quality images that will depict the places you are promoting. This brochure template has an engaging full-width cover with a lovely picture.



This is an oversize A5 brochure template has a beautiful design. This item has a well-organized layout that lets you visualize all the information in the best way.



Brochures don’t necessarily have to use standard layouts. You can get creative and experiment with various shapes and see which one fits your brand.


Key: Slovenia

This is an amazing brochure template with an eye-catching design. This black & white design uses a creative layout that makes it stand out.


The Leighton

This brochure template comes with a stunning cover design that will make you look twice. Check it out!


Which one of these brochure designs was your favorite and why? Do you have any brochure templates you want to add to the list?

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