Facebook is the most popular social network today and connecting it to your website and business can make a huge difference. Facebook pages and social shares can have a huge impact on your sales. Also, within your website, you can add various widgets or shortcodes, buttons, etc. that link back to your Facebook page. Also, you can check comments or insert them into your website, all to make things easier.

You should take advantage of the power of Facebook and make it easy for your users to comment, share and like your website. You can do this by adding various widgets, shortcodes, and social share buttons to your site.

Connecting Facebook to your WordPress website can be done fast and easily. You just have to download the plugin and add it to your website. To make things even easier for you, we looked for the best WordPress Facebook plugins and widgets that you can use right away. Take a look at what they offer and use them for your website.

Add Link to Facebook

Use this great WordPress plugin to automatically add links to your Facebook pages, groups, etc. that link back to any post that you have previously published.


Recent Facebook Posts

Check out this useful WordPress plugin and use it to list your most recent posts from public pages on Facebook.


Facebook All

Take a look at this amazing WordPress plugin and use it to make your blog connected to Facebook and Google. Your visitor will be able to log in using their accounts from social media.


Facebook Like Button

This is a very useful plugin that allows you to add a Facebook button that you can use to follow, like, and share to your WordPress posts, pages, and widgets.


Nextend Facebook Connect

This is a great WordPress plugin that you can use for Facebook. This plugin has an easy installation and it includes full support.


Facebook Comments

You can use this neat plugin to manage your Facebook comments directly from your WordPress website.


Facebook Likebox Slider by ARScode

Facebook Likebox Slider is a flexible plugin with Facebook faces, stream and header. Very easy to install and configure with nice design.


IK Facebook Feed Plugin

Chek out this great WordPress plugin that you can use to add feeds and photos from any Facebook page, instantly into your WordPress site.


Custom Facebook Feed

Take a look at this plugin that lets you display fully customizable Facebook feeds from any of your pages into your WordPress website.


JSL3 Facebook Wall Feed

Check out this WordPress plugin that turns your Facebook wall into a widget or a shortcode on a page. Take a look and see if it is useful to your website.


SEO Facebook Comment

If you have a WordPress website, you can use this great plugin to expand your site’s functionalities. This plugin is useful for inserting all Facebook comments into your WordPress website to improve your SEO.


NextGEN Facebook Open Graph+

Here is a lovely WordPress plugin that you can use for your WordPress website. This lets you use complete meta tags for the best shares from Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.


Facebook Members

Check out this amazing WordPress plugin that lets you easily bring Facebook LikeBox and the recommendation bar functionalities to your website.


Facebook Vinyl

Take a look at this great plugin that you can use in your WordPress website. This plugin allows you to integrate Facebook’s albums into your website.

Facebook-Vinyl-—-WordPress-Plugins best WordPress Facebook plugins

Tawea Facebook Chat

This is a great WordPress plugin that connects your website with Facebook. This plugin lets you add a Facebook chat directly into your website.



This is a great plugin that you can use for your WordPress website. This allows you to use a Monarch widget that contains popular social icons.

 best WordPress Facebook plugins -Better-Social-Sharing-Plugin-For-WordPress-_-Elegant-The


Check out this wonderful WordPress plugin that you can use to add a Facebook widget inside your website. Take a look!


Simple Facebook Plugin

Check out this neat plugin that you can use to successfully insert a Facebook connection into your website. This allows you to promote your page and get more visitors.


Facebook Group Widget

Take a look at this amazing Facebook widget that works for all public groups, is fully responsive, can be customized, and it is very easy to use.


WPsite Follow Us Badges

Here is a great plugin that you can add to your WordPress website that allows you to show your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media badges.

Follow-Us-Badges-— best WordPress Facebook plugins

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