For creating successful websites, you should consider beginning the website design process with planning the user flow maps. It’s imperative that you create various scenarios of what your users might do and where they will navigate when they enter your website. A detailed analysis will help you know exactly how to position your content in order to make your website as functional as possible.

User flow maps are commonly used for large websites, where the user experience exceeds the design. Having an attractive website isn’t what it’s all about. It’s important to know how to build a successful website that will generate lots of traffic and keep your users engaged and interested in what you have to offer. That is where these user flow maps come in handy. You can simulate various scenarios that lead from your homepage, making sure that all the links are correct and that you users will be guided through your intended path.

A well-organized web designer should plan ahead and, before building the website, a user flow map must be created. This way, you can completely apprehend how your website works and spot any mistakes, right from the start. Keep in mind that these user flow maps can also be created for mobile applications, with the same purpose.

Information Architecture by Kellyn Loehr

Here you have a detailed user flow map of a portfolio website. Analyze its content and see what you can learn from it.


User Flow by Eric Ressler

This is a complex user flow map that was created by Eric Ressler. This can be used to keep track of how your users might navigate through your site.


Simplified Checkout Process by Michael Pons

Use user flow maps to successfully optimize the checkout process, by easing the process as much as possible.


User Flow by Mackenzie Child

Here is another user flow map that you can use as an inspiration for when you will create your own projects. Keep in mind some of the useful tips that you learn from it.

Flowchart by Eric Miller

You can build your user flow maps on the computer and visualize them in order to see exactly how your website functions.


Website Flowcharts for Illustrator by Eric Miller

This flowchart is available in Illustrator, for a better use of its design. This excellent analyze was conducted by Eric Miller. The download file includes 63 mini wireframes and lots of flowchart elements in AI or EPS file formats.


Mobile Flowchart for Illustrator by Eric Miller

This mobile flowchart can be downloaded in AI and EPS file formats. The template contains useful information about how your users will use the app.


Sitemap by Ed Moss

This next sitemap was created by Ed Moss, by using various flowchart elements. See how this design analyses how users’ behavior towards your design.


User Flow’in by Bill S Kenney

Have a closer look at this example of user flow design. This is a well-designed item that was created by Bill S. Kenney in order to define the current user experience and also to highlight potential gaps.


Sitemap For Student Guide by Janna Hagan

Janna Hagan redesigned the Student’s Guide by creating a comprehensive visualization. Learn from her design and apply it to your projects.


Site Flow by Angie Herrera

This is another amazing example of a complex user flow map that you can use as an inspiration for your upcoming design projects.


Sitemap for IntelliMap by AveA

This is an excellent sitemap of IntelliMap that demonstrates how to successfully create this kind of element. See how you can use site flows to improve your designs.


Website Flowcharts Stencil by Eric Miller

This is another wonderful flow chart that you can learn so much about. See how the designer created this element and how will this improve the website’s design.


Sitemap/Flowchart for the Web by Jane Zhu

Here is a comprehensive sitemap that was created for this website. Have a closer look and learn how to successfully operate with flowcharts.


Application User Journey by Michael Pons

This is another excellent user flow that was created for an application design. Analyze the potential scenarios and see how this element can improve your overall design.


Healthy Eating App User Flow

This is a great user flow of a healthy eating application. Learn how to keep your users engaged in your website for a longer period of time.


Mimicr: User Flow

Here is an amazing user flow design that analyzes possible scenarios of how the users may use the design.

UX Flowchart Cards | Sketch Version

This is another great example of impressive flowchart designs. These will help the designer discover potential errors in the designs.


Flow — Dyslexia

This is an outstanding work of a flowchart for this project. Use this example as an inspiration for your own projects.


EasyOne Website Flowchart Template

Here is another great example of how you can generate flowchart templates of your projects. Create them to analyze your designs from current projects, or from new ones.


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