Why I want to see ALL types of women run the world: the launch of Fly Girl Collective

I’ve kicked off alot of projects in my time, but this is the one I’m proud of the most. Fly Girl Collective, a London-based fitness space and community for women, has been three years in the making, born out of a desire to see other women, like me, have a seat at the fitness table so to speak.

The irony is, women of colour are out here — as athletes, PTs, instructors, amateur runners, swimmers, etc, doing their thing and doing it well. But the fitness industry, particularly the media and marketing of fitness as a lifestyle, has some way to go in presenting that reality across the spectrum. Fitness, as brilliant as it can be, becomes less aspirational when women don’t see themselves represented; particularly for women who are just starting out on their journeys.

So, as the zeitgeist increasingly allows for conversations around diversity and inclusivity, so does it bring an opportunity for balance — and thus, Fly Girl Collective has been born.

In an ideal world, a site like mine wouldn’t be a necessity because the picture of health and fitness would be as brilliant as a United Colours of Benetton ad. But this world is far from perfect, and every now and again, there needs to be a reminder of what things might look like if it were, indeed, better. Or at the very least, fair.

But I’ll be honest — Fly Girl isn’t a political statement. At least I don’t want it to be. It should be seen as what it is — a space and community to help women live their best lives through fitness. If it happens to reach women who’ve felt they couldn’t get an invite to the party because they don’t conform to the status quo, then it’s a new day: you can hang with us.

A determined runner and exercise buff on a mission to bring sisterhood to fitness.

A determined runner and exercise buff on a mission to bring sisterhood to fitness.