Here is a short guide on how to add HTTPS / SSL Certificates to your WordPress website.

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SSL certificates are used by web servers to encrypt the traffic between the server and client, providing extra security for users accessing your application. Let’s Encrypt provides an easy way to obtain and install trusted certificates for free. Certbot makes the process of setting up and renewing the certificates really easy.


To be able to complete all the steps, you need to have access to the following:

  1. You must have sudo access to the server where WordPress is installed and running.
  2. WordPress must be installed and running on Port 80. …

My journey from idea to #1 on Reddit

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It was December 2019. The gloomy weather and frigid temperatures in Toronto made me crave for a warm getaway. As I navigated through search results, I realized I had dozens of tabs open to answer a pretty simple question: “What are some warm places to travel to in December with cheap flights?”

Being a software engineer, I realized that all I was doing was trying to apply a filter to a broad set of travel results. What if I had a lot of data on places in the world? Can I build some type of filtering to find cool places?

I dove in over the next week to see how much data I could find on the internet to build a travel website that would help me find interesting destinations. …

How engineering teams can write software that’s understandable

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If you’re an engineer or you manage engineers, here are some questions which you may have thought about:

  • How can I write better code? How can I help my team write better code?
  • Why does it feel like any project that’s a few years old should be rewritten from scratch?
  • Why can’t I understand the code written by <insert-smart-engineer's-name>? After all, they're smart and they write good code.

I summarized my opinion to these questions in this tweet below, and I’ll expand on it in this post.

Code becomes unmaintainable for two reasons.

  1. It wasn’t written to be maintainable in the first place. …



Software Engineer. I enjoy building great products and sharing what I learned in the process. http://tilomitra.com

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