HubrisOne is increasing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption through a simple, innovative and user-friendly platform. We enable our customers to easily access instant blockchain cross-border money transfers, multi-currency bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets and much more.

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Issues with current banking systems being centralised — maybe full decentralisation is not the way forward but some aspects needs to decentralised to avoid such cyber attacks

this is an innovative multifunctional financial instrument for trading

User interface

Widely customizable interface that allows you to delete or move all the items, since it’s convenient for you to work as you are used to. You can create a completely custom interface from the various elements that you need. The main points in convenience relate primarily to ease, simplicity, efficiency, reliability and productivity in the use of the interface. Customizing the interface makes it possible to adapt to the requirements of different users.

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Use quick access to your portfolio without login and start monitoring its effectiveness right now


The exchange not only offers a multifunctional financial instrument, but it is also one of the most secure exchanges, the security of which is based on a distributed method using neural networks. When using services that store information about user accounts, wallets, etc. The most vulnerable part is information with passwords and keys from user wallets. …

The expansion of the crypto-economy has led to the development of a paradoxical situation. There have been numerous establishments of centralized exchanges. Apparently, there has been a minimum client service and functionality. This does not mean the journey to make centralized platforms has been easy. There have been some difficulties but still, the journey has led to demands in the community to have even more high-quality services and decentralized systems.
Before customers choose to trade in cryptocurrency they consider many things such as the possibility to convert cryptocurrency to fiat and fiat to cryptocurrency. There are a lot of products on the crypto-market. There have been also numerous projects to address specific concerns in the same market. But Qurrex was to establish a universal solution to all the challenges in the market. Some projects have come boasting to solve these problems but they have shown some primitive indicators which are unsuitable for advanced markets.
There have been some institutional players in the financial market who have a lot of clients and can generate trillions of dollars to fund such projects but the problem is that they have seen certain vulnerabilities in the cryptocurrency trading and they have lacked faith because of lack of transparency and industry standards.
The only way for the crypto-market to become advance and move to the next stage of maturity is by embracing institutional traders.
The Qurrex is a multifunctional trading platform. It is ready to set the industry standards to a level that has never been achieved. Experts even say that the existing platform will have to try for years to achieve these kinds of levels. Qurrex platform will be based on high-performance architecture derived from leading trading platforms internationally. This is a platform designed for the future. Currently, cryptocurrency has shown a lot of hope and we expect it to explode in the near future. When it explodes and widens, Qurrex will be ready to welcome it.
This project is going to play a major role to help develop crypto-economy. It will satisfy demands and solve the current problems of users. Qurrex will also create conditions that are favorable for the new participants and those who are already living in the crypto-world.
There is a demo model that has already been designed in form of a test web version. It will be used for necessary testing and serve as the interface for the Qurrex exchange system.
The Qurrex platform has been there but it was centralized for the purpose of cryptocurrency exchange. This approach was adopted initially because the team background had worked for many years creating various broker and exchange systems. The systems were mainly created for the traditional markets. The experts, however, did extensive research and decided to adopt an approach that will help to solve different problems in the market. …

Updated on April 23.

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We are happy to announce that the first stage of our Token Sale has finished on April 21. We have raised $4.739 million or 78.9% of our Soft Cap.

The next stage — the Crowdsale Development Stage starts on May 1, 2018.

Let us make a sum-up of our Pre-Sale for those that are not familiar with it yet.

What is the structure of the Token Sale?

In eCoinomics, we decided to divide our Token Sale into three stages:

  • Pre-sale Development stage: 03.04.2018–21.04.2018
  • Crowdsale Development stage: 01.05.2018–01.06.2018
  • Reserve sale stage: 01.06.2018–01.08.2018

During the Development stage we are gathering all the necessary funds for the development and launch of our project — all the associated expenses — including technical costs, marketing and legal support and other — are limited to USD 6 million. …



Daox is the ecosystem and platform for Fundraising DAOs which are advanced intermediaries between investors and startups.

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