Authentic- Today I will choose to be still, so I will notice what is real right now.

Superficial (Underused)


Revealing (Overused)


Being real, authentic and our true self is an ideal many of us strive to be more of each day. It’s easy to say and yet difficult to practice. For to tune in to what lies beneath our busy minds — also requires courage, grit and honesty. Alas, there are many things we might not want to see in the mirror. Things that are simply human, possibly messy and often imperfect. Yet, we have to learn to look reality squarely in the eyes, without blinking, to see the utter truth. Along with its many faces. And many moments of poor judgment or ignorance about the ripple effect our choices have on the lives of others. Our unconscious practice of staying busy is just one of the ways we avoid being real — and facing things we would rather deny. Or perhaps our temptation is to remain in the martyrdom of the past. To stay frozen in time blaming anyone or anything but ourselves for what we wish wasn’t so. Indeed, being authentic requires being still enough to peer into the pond that has no ripples upon it. Only then can we see what we need to see and begin to take responsibility.

Tilt365 Weekly Challenge: Today, I will notice when I am being busy and will choose to be still with what is real.

Avoiding being Revealing (Overuse)

One of the ways we can notice we are addicted to being busy instead of in the reality of the present, is when we overuse talking to reveal too much. We might do this about others, or we might do this about ourselves. Giving too much information or talking too much is actually about attempting to dominate our own underlying anxiety by covering up our unconscious fears with superficial chatter. Our mind does this inside us, and then spills to the world outside us, only to clutter up the minds of others with too much information too. Being wise and real requires a quiet mind that can come only from practicing mindfulness and tranquility of soul. What we unwittingly try to avoid are the emotions we think we can’t tolerate, like sadness, boredom, guilt and anger. But alas, we are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for! And find that the price is to lose joy, love and gratitude too. To be authentic is to quiet the mind and say much, much less than we think!

Pam Boney, Founder Tilt365

Copyright, 2015

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